“Cheri Fuller has devoted years of personal sacrifice, hard work, and determination to preserve the parent-child relationship between incarcerated parents and their children, through the Oklahoma Messages Project, a program of Redeeming the Family. She always refers to the children touched by the program as “these precious children”. Under her leadership, children all over the state, receive a DVD recording of their incarcerated parent, who reads a children’s book to the camera. They convey a simple message at Cheri’s urging: “I love you. I’m proud of you. This isn’t your fault. I’m safe. As a result, childhood depression, worry, anger and sadness decrease, reading skills improve, as does behavior and self-esteem. This improvement is noticeable at school and at home and can help break the tendency to offend and repeat the cycle of incarceration. I admire her ability to work with numerous prisons in the Oklahoma Correctional system, with a team of dedicated, volunteers who go to each participating prison to record the approved parents. Once there, the team sets up a backdrop with a child-friendly theme and coaches each parent on the message to be delivered to their children. Cheri speaks eloquently of the impact on the children, to whom she is so devoted. She is not judgmental of the parents but instead, helps them focus on their role as a parent. So often the public ignores this population – both parent and child and Cheri reminds us of the redemptive, sometimes life-altering power of maintaining the parent-child connection. They (and we) are lucky to have someone as dedicated to the mission of changing lives using technology. She deserves recognition for her role as an advocate and champion of children of the incarcerated of which there are sadly, too many in Oklahoma, now with the highest incarceration rate in the nation.”