“Peppers Ranch has had the incredible privilege of working with Cody Inman an OKDHS worker with Director Lake’s office. Cody has dedicated the past 8 years between the Governor’s office and DHS working to advocate for children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

He has spent time bringing the siloed departments of the agency and outside private partners together in an effort to better support these individuals to effect both temporary and permanent change. Cody has worked with private partners to create out of the box solutions to support children who otherwise have found themselves in hospital settings without true connections. Peppers Ranch is one of the partners who is stepping up to support special needs children in our next home construction to support families capable of caring for special needs children and youth.
Most recently Cody has worked to find housing for the children at the Laura Dester Shelter and leading the team to close the facility as the states last publicly funded shelter. He has worked to find housing placements for the children who have been at the shelter many of whom had high behavioral issues and/or sever special needs. Additionally he has worked with the team to find future solutions for the Laura Dester facility to best serve future children in care and fix a void that the state currently has.
I recommend Cody Inman for the Anne Roberts People’s Choice Award because of his accomplishments in his role within the Directors office, leadership within this special team to ensure all children in the state have the best placement possible for their best possible life and for his integrity and humility in his accomplishments focusing more on the children and youth than on his own success and publicity.”