“Peppers Ranch seeks to break the cycle of abuse and neglect with kids in fostercare.
Their current facility offers:
-Foster care parents are in one centralized location enabling encouragement and support for one another.
-We are able to offer training and support to the foster parents, increasing satisfaction and retention of foster parents.
-A sense of community, wherein a child can be sent to another home for a cooling off period to avoid disruption of the placement.
-Counseling and educational support provided by professional therapists, who meet weekly with foster parents on child issues.
-Carpooling between house parents for jobs, sports, and extra-curricular activities and overall combining of resources of both the Ranch AND of the parents.
-DHS has identified a lack of resources to keep siblings together. With Pepper’s Ranch, we make every effort to keep siblings together.
-Foster parents at Peppers Ranch provide each other respite.
-Increased referrals and utilization of our services since DHS is reluctant to place children in group care.
-Operating cost are approximately 60% less than operating as a group home model enabling Peppers Ranch to help more children.
-Foster parents who are already fostering 1 or 2 children on their own are eager to foster additional children if they only had additional room and support… and are much better parents than paid staff as group-home parents.

Their future goals include
Peppers Ranch Foster Care Community will continue its mission to help as many children as possible “break the cycle of abuse and neglect” by providing foster parents with the resources and services to assist them in their commitment to the children in their care.
With a total of 240 acres at Peppers Ranch I and 415 acres at Peppers Ranch II and the community’s continued support, our potential for growth is unlimited. Future development plans include additional foster homes, learning center expansion, aging out community of tiny homes, expanded support services and programs, extended playground and campsites. Services will continue to be expanded to adequately meet the needs of the additional children and foster parents that will call the ranch “home.”
With a self-imposed mandate of debt-free operations, Peppers Ranch will continue to demonstrate value and effective stewardship in an effort to retain public trust. An active and committed Board of Directors will continue to work closely with our staff, volunteers and foster parents to build relationships and gain support. We have systematically identified individuals, corporations, and foundations that possess the capacity to give, the passion for our mission, and the desire to help make a difference in the lives of others by supporting the growth at Peppers Ranch.”
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