“Positive Tomorrows is Oklahoma’s only elementary school specifically serving homeless children and their families. Over 100 children attend every year and receive a differentiated, trauma-informed education while their parents get the support they need to become stable at home.

Students at Positive Tomorrows live with their families in local homeless shelters, motels, cars, and even abandoned buildings. Positive Tomorrows help homeless children and their families in three ways:
• Remove barriers that hinder a child’s access to education and enrichment such as: transportation, hunger, and basic needs such as clothing, personal care items, school supplies and basic medical care
• Support homeless families to help them become empowered and self-sufficient.
• Provide robust, intensive and differentiated education.
Education is the key to ending the cycle of homelessness and poverty. By supporting the family, Positive Tomorrows make it possible for children to learn. Positive Tomorrows is a hero for Oklahoma Children because it breaks the cycle of homelessness for students who often lack access to services. Because of Positive Tomorrows, brighter futures have been made possible for hundreds of Oklahoma children.
Recently, Positive Tomorrows broke ground on a school that will more than double its capacity. They hope to begin school in the new facility in Fall of 2019, where they will serve hundreds more children in need.”
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