“Sid has spent more than 40 years involved in children’s issues as a social worker, lawyer, Tribal Judge, Judge for the Oklahoma County Juvenile Court System, Professor at ECU, OCCY Commissioner and probably has many other accolades. Has been involved in writing legislation related to Title 10.”

A message from Hillary Egas, daughter of Sid Brown:

My father is an amazing person as a father and what he has given to the children and families of the State of Oklahoma.  He lived in extreme poverty in southeastern Oklahoma, literally having dirt floors and no electricity.  He overcame childhood poverty and illness (he spent almost a year in Children’s Hospital because they did not have the money to treat a step throat condition that attacked his vital organs – he was originally supposed to live much beyond his teen years).  His parents were functionally illiterate with 3rd and 5th grade educations and they worked as migrant laborers in the cotton fields of western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle as well as picking fruit in California.  Even though he was not born, his father came back with severe PTSD from WWII and he, along with his brothers and sister, endured domestic violence and child abuse.  He literally dedicated almost all of his adult life to working in areas to help children and was/is especially passionate about child abuse. 
College was sort of fluke as he rode from his rural home outside Idabel, Oklahoma to Tishomingo where three of his friends who were enrolling at Murray State College.  What are the odds of the President of Murray State College coming through at that moment and giving a welcome to all those sitting at the tables enrolling and then turning to where my father who was seated waiting for his friends to finish and stating, “What are you going to do son; are you doing to college?”  My father stated that he replied, “I ain’t got no money.”    The president replied, “If I were to let you be a janitor for the school and give you some loans and grants, would you like to come here with your three friends?”  Well, as they say the rest is history as he obtained his Bachelor’s in Education, Masters in Counseling and Juris Doctor. 
He loves the “golden rule”  about treating others well.  He has lived an honorable life and three of his favorite quotes are the following:
“Young people need models, not critics.”  John Wooden
 “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never  repay you.”   John Wooden
“Some people see things as they are and ask why and I see things that never were and ask why not?”   President John F. Kennedy (George Bernard Shaw)
He was particularly proud of his co-founding the Adolescent Sexual Offenders’ Program and creating CASA of Oklahoma County. Also, former Attorney General and Federal Judge, Robert Henry, selected him to be lead defense counsel for the State of Oklahoma in Terry D. v. State of Oklahoma and was extremely pleased that the implementation orders submitted to Federal Judge Ralph Thompson resulted in Oklahoma being in the top ten states at one point in terms of dealing with children in out-of-home placements and in custodial institutions.