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KIDSCOUNT Click BoxThe work OICA does underneath the capitol dome is supported by data surrounding children and families in Oklahoma. Our KIDS COUNT Data Center provides up-to-date data on multiple levels–community, county, state and national. Oklahoma KIDS COUNT is part of the National KIDS COUNT network. Each year, the national KIDS COUNT Data Book provides Oklahoma’s state ranking in four main areas of child well-being compared to the other states. Each of the four areas –economic well-being, health, education and family/community– are supported  by a series of key indicators for each area and provide a snapshot of trends over time. Click the orange box above for current state and National KIDS COUNT Data.


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  1. Greetings, I did not know your organization existed, I glad I saw this email. I also worked for the Casey Foundation (Jim) whose area of focus was foster care and children who are displaced from their family. I am currently employed with Oklahoma City Public Schools, teaching at St. Anthony hospital. I am writing because I believe those of us who teach in alternative sites such as hospitals, juvenile facilities etc serve a population of children who are under represented and generally are not factored into the data provided my most organizations. I am interested in changing this; they need a voice, they need an advocate, they need to be counted in your data. Thank you.

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