Dennis Dugger

What ideas do you have to better the lives of Oklahoma’s children? 

As I am looking forward to becoming a grandfather, for the first time in December, it is very important to me to improve upon the foundation that we have set for our children and grandchild(ren). I believe it is important for children to be exposed to agriculture, sports, the arts, as well as any extra-curricular activity that will shape their future. As I enjoy mentoring students pertaining to show pigs, I feel it is important that our state continue to fund these endeavors for the children. It is my goal, as a legislator, to fund and improve funding to assure that children have these opportunities in the future.

I place an emphasis on our children’s education. It is important for me to find ways and avenues to better fund education. This is imperative.

I feel it is important that our state government continues to help fund the Oklahoma Youth Expo. It promotes the 4-H and FFA programs, which in turn, those programs promote youth leadership and responsibility.

What have you done to support children prior to this election? 

I served as a board member and past president of Elk City Youth Recreation Board for, approximately, 10 years.

I coached youth baseball, softball, football, basketball, and soccer. I umpired baseball and softball at all levels from youth through high school.

In 2012, I was honored by the Elk City Education Association with the Friend of Education Award.

On a daily basis, through our business or personally, my wife and I donate to teachers, to students, to most any cause that involves children or children’s activities/awards/rewards.

I have worked with local youth participating in FFA and 4-H.

In 2009, I received the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree from the Elk City FFA Chapter.

I have donated show pigs to 4-H and FFA students to have as projects for their organizations. My wife and I mentor students and their parents as to how to raise, care for, and show their pigs.

In 2017, a former employee had a vision to establish The Care Closet, which is a local charity for foster children. While I didn’t come up with the idea, I have supported her and given her space at our business to accommodate her in establishing a drop-off shed for donations.

What will you do to support families in your new role, if elected?

I am open to hearing options about programs that will have a positive impact on families and children.

I will continue to do what I have done over the last 25 years, which is donate my time and my money to support endeavors that have a positive impact on families and children.