Clay Layton

What ideas do you have to better the lives of Oklahoma’s children? 

Let’s fund programs that help families support themselves by bringing back the EITC and increasing the budgets for DHS and the Health Department. I’ll work with any of my potential coworkers who are willing to put Oklahomans first, regardless of party.

What have you done to support children prior to this election? 

I am involved in taking care of my children when my wife is at work. I drop them off at school and pick them up. I volunteer to go on field trips when needed and help out with school events. Whenever I can I like to help when asked. My wife and I were also foster parents for almost a year. Being a foster parent really opened my eyes to the foster child program. I witnessed some issues that could be corrected and help support foster parents and those thinking about becoming foster parents.

What will you do to support families in your new role, if elected?

Any policy or law that is fiscally responsible that will increase the quality of life for all Oklahoma’s children should be fully funded. The reinstatement of EITC would be a great way to start supporting families, as well as finding solutions to our budgetary problems. Anything that helps people I’m all about it.