HB2391Children; Oklahoma Adoption Code; modifying home study requirements when grandparent adopts grandchild by Rep. Sherrer and Sen. AndersonHouseEngrossed Senate Failed Deadline
HB2399provides a jurisdictional requirement for emergency ex parte orders in an action for divorce, separate maintenance, guardianship, adoption or any other proceeding involving custody or visitation by Rep. Biggs and Sen. SykesHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2426Visitation; grandparental visitation rights; deleting and updating statutory references by Rep. Kern and Sen. AllenHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2483Act relating to children; which relates to termination of parental rights by Rep. Ownbey and Sen. SimpsonHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2518 General Provisions; providing for exception of written consent for medical treatment of minors if emergency exists and surgery is necessary for treatment of illness by Rep. Grau and Sen. DahmHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2538State government; Oklahoma Personnel Act; providing for additional leave for certain persons for the birth or adoption of a child in addition and prior to using any accrued leave by Rep. ProctorFailed Deadline
HB2895State Government; which relates to the State Employees Disability Program; providing for certain eligibility for short-term disability plan by Rep. InmanFailed in Committee
HB2897Labor; creating the Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers Act by Rep. InmanFailed Deadline
HB2911Adoption; creating the Grandparent Adoption Act of 2016 by Rep. CoodyFailed Deadline
HB2927State government; creating the Paid Family Leave Act; establishing family temporary disability insurance program by Rep. DunningtonFailed Deadline
HB2928Labor; creating the Healthy Families and Workplaces Act; providing for earned paid sick time for employeesFailed Deadline
SB902Guardianship; prohibiting certain persons from being appointed guardian by Sen. Anderson and EnnsSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1234Child custody; reqiring court to consider certain factors in making certain determinations by Sen. GriffinFailed Deadline
SB1327Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; modifying provisions by Sen. Holt and Rep. GrauSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1397State employee benefits; parental short-term disability program; "employee on parental leave" by SB SparksFailed Deadline
SB1605Income tax credits; prohibiting certain use of tax credits for certain entities providing child care services, Sen. Jolley and Sen. TreatSenate Enrolled Governor Signed

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