HB1622Schools; relating to the School Testing Program Act by Rep. Derby and Sen. StanislawskiSenate to GCCA
HB2527Schools; directing the State Board to implement a student assessment system; deleting requirement for the development and administration of criterion-referenced tests in certain grades by Rep. Casey and Sen. SmalleyHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Amendments Failed Deadline
HB2969Schools; directing the State Board of Education to adopt accreditation standards for educational services provided in certain types of programs by Rep. Nelson and Sen. GriffinHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB3157Schools; expanding application of Oklahoma School Consolidation and Annexation Act to school districts that have entered into certain mutual contracts by Rep. Hickman and Sen. FordHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Amendments Failed Deadline
SB906State Board of Education; Creates the Superintendent Restructuring Act, by Sen. AndersonFailed Deadline
SB934The State Board of Education shall take action necessary to assist school districts which meet the criteria to reach an agreement on combining the administrative services of the school district with one or more contiguous school districts by Sen. LovelessFailed Deadline
SB937State Board of Education; Requires school districts' boards of education to change the auditor used for audits required by statute every five years, by Sen. ThompsonFailed Deadline
SB938State Board of Education; Board of Education to develop for high school graduation requirement recommendations by Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
SB940State Board of Education; Requires the State Board of Education, incollaboration with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, to define "college readiness" by Sen. Smalley Failed Deadline
SB945State Board of Education; Requires a school district superintendent or his or her designee to provide at each regular monthly meeting of a school district board of education a financial report, by Sen. Stanislawski and Rep. StrohmSenate Engrossed House Failed
SB981School Board ;places the State Board of Education in control of schools that are identified for school improvement by Sen. LovelessFailed Deadline
SB1044Directing the State Board of Education to adopt requirements for high school graduation by Sen. BoggsFailed Deadline
SB1269Education; directing the State Board of Education to develop certain certificate by Sen. Yen and Rep. MartinSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1535School funding; creating a task force to study the State Aid formula by Sen. Stanislawski and Rep. CaseySenate Engrossed House Failed Deadline
SJR75A Joint Resolution approving with instructions certain subject matter standards adopted by the State Board of Education By Sen. Sykes, and Sen. BrecheenSenate Education Senate Engrossed Failed Deadline

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