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HB1763Schools; requiring school districts to adopt a grading policy; allowing certain students to graduate from high school with a provisional diploma by Rep. Enns and Sen. SharpHouse Egrossed Senate failed deadline
HB2134Schools; curricular standards for instruction of public school students; School Testing Program; requirements by Rep. Nelson and Sen. Stanislawski House Engrossed Senate Engrossed Failed to be heard in Conference
HB2269Education; Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluations by Rep. WoodFailed Deadline
HB2313Schools; adding time limit to leave of absence for an education employee injured by assault or battery by Rep. Nollan and Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
HB2369An Act relating to student assaults on education employees or volunteers; requiring certain students to be suspended until student is readmitted by district judge by Rep. MurdockFailed Deadline
HB2404Oklahoma Department of Education the authority to promulgate rules to create exemptions for entry into early education programs by Rep. Faught and Sen. StanislawskiGovernor Signed
HB2432School; requiring public schools to post a sign containing certain child abuse toll-free telephone number information by Rep. Kern and Sen. ShawHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2454Schools; An Act relating to the Reading Sufficiency Act for thrid-grade students by Rep. SheltonFailed Deadline
HB2468Updates statutory citations relating to the Reading Sufficiency Act by Rep. Mike SheltonFailed Deadline
HB2490Schools; replaces end-of-instruction tests with the American College Test assessment by Rep. CannadayFailed Deadline
HB2528Schools; clarifies statutory citations related to the Oklahoma School Testing Program Act by Rep. Dennis CaseyFailed Deadline
HB2529Schools; updates statutory citations related to compliance with state school accreditation standards by Rep. CaseyFailed Deadline
HB2534Schools; modifies policy relating to school hours to school days concerning period of classroom instruction by Rep. Montgomery Failed Deadline
HB2535Schools; authorizing governing body of schools to enter into agreement to create apprenticeship, internship or mentorship program by Rep. Montgomery and Sen. SmalleyHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2544Schools; changing certain school year notification date; modifying extended-day schedule requirements by Rep. Nollan and Sen. Stanislawski Governor Signed
HB2570Schools; creates the Improve Oklahoma Schools Act of 2016 by Rep. RussFailed Deadline
HB2593creates the Oklahoma Child Brain Development Initiative 2016 by Rep. MorrissetteFailed Deadline
HB2614Which relates to out of school suspension; adding certain act for which a student may be removed from the regular school setting for educational services by Rep. Thomsen and Sen. PaddackHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2649Schools; adding an exception to the number of school days allowed in a twenty-four-hour period by Rep. Thomsen and Sen. FieldsHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2702Schools; establishing educational screening requirements for certain students educated by other means by Rep. EnnsFailed Deadline
HB2721Schools; providing for medically accurate information designed to reduce unintended pregnancy by Rep. VirginFailed Deadline
HB2729Schools; adding alternative methods for demonstrating mastery of state academic content standards for certain students by Rep. Coody and Sen. BarringtonHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Senate Amendments Failed
HB2780Schools; changing the testing window dates for certain criterion-referenced tests by Rep. McCallFailed Deadline
HB2783Schools; modifying the promotion and retention requirements of the Reading Sufficiency Act by Rep. StrohmFailed Deadline
HB2790Schools; modifying definition of bullying by Rep. Griffith and Sen. SharpFailed Deadline
HB2797Schools; creating the Humanity of the Unborn Child Act by Rep. Coody and Sen. GriffinHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2822Schools; making the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability responsible for certain provisions of alternative placement teaching certification by Rep. Denney and Sen. HalliganHouse Engrossed Senate Failed Deadline
HB2823An Act relating to Higher Education; Higher Learning Access Program by Rep. Denney and Sen. HalliganHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Amendments Failed
HB2907Schools; requiring school districts to initially provide certain comparable services to certain military family students by Rep. CoodyFailed Deadline
HB2909Schools; creating the Health Education for Middle Schools Act of 2016 by Rep. CoodyFailed Deadline
HB2926Higher Education; creating the Oklahoma Community College Scholarship Act by Rep. DunningtonFailed Deadline
HB2949Schools; creating the Oklahoma Education Savings Account Act by Rep. Nelson and Sen. JolleyFailed Deadline
HB2959Schools; requiring school districts to provide certain training at certain schools by Rep. YoungFailed Deadline
HB2961Schools; requiring school district that exceed certain percentage of students from minority background to provide certain professional development program by Rep. YoungFailed Deadline
HB2968Schools; authorizing certain charter schools to limit admissions to students with certain language proficiency by Rep. NelsonFailed Deadline
HB2969Schools; directing the State Board of Education to adopt accreditation standards for educational services provided in certain types of programs by Rep. Nelson and Sen. GriffinHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2972Schools; modifying certain reporting requirements under the Reading Sufficiency Act by Rep. NelsonFailed Deadline
HB3025Schools; modifying certain criteria for eligibility of alternative placement teaching certificate by Rep. Jordan and Sen. SmalleyHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB3049Schools; requiring school districts to adopt a student physical privacy policy by Rep. Kern Failed Deadline
HB3122Schools; creating the School Academic Performance Grading Act of 2016Failed Deadline
HB3156Schools; modifying application process for certain exemptions under the School District Empowerment Program by Rep. Hickman and Sen. JolleyHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Amendments Failed
HB3173Schools; creating the Education Reform Act of 2016 by Rep. HickmanFailed Deadline
SB872Higher education; directing certain scholarships to be revoked when the students who are convicted or enter certain plea for certain misdemeanors or any felony by Sen. AndersonFailed Deadline
SB887Schools; directing the Legislature to approve certain measures if appropriated funds decrease by Senator ThompsonFailed Deadline
SB906Schools; creating the Superintendent Restructuring Act by Sen. AndersonFailed Deadline
SB911Schools; allowing boards of education to have the option adopting a procedure that requires students to perform community service for violating the district's policy by Sen. Sharp and Rep. Wood Senate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB929Schools; Creates the 2016 Workforce Oklahoma Academic High School Diploma Recognition Act by Sen. Sharp and Rep. WoodSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB940SB940, An Act realting to schools to develop transition courses or other instructional opportunities by Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
SB945State Board of Education; Requires a school district superintendent or his or her designee to provide at each regular monthly meeting of a school district board of education a financial report, by Sen. StanislawskiSenate Engrossed House Failed
SB948Schools; permits a public school teacher to accept donations from any person or corporation for the purpose of providing classroom supplies or supporting classroom-related activities,by Sen. LovelessFailed Deadline
SB956Schools; requiring school counselors to spend certain amount of time on direct services by Sen. PaddackFailed Deadline
SB967Schools; Definition of bullying by Sen. Ron SheppardFailed Deadline
SB981School Board ; places the State Board of Education in control of schools that are identified for school improvement by Sen. LovelessFailed Deadline
SB1003An Act relating to crimes against students by Sen. LovelessFailed Deadline
SB1004Schools; changes the reporting period for public school officials concerning dropouts from quarterly to annual by Sen. Sharp and Rep. HenkeSenate Enrolled Signed by Governor
SB1036An Act relating to school personnel possession of firearms on school property by Sen. Smalley and Rep. CoodySenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1037 An Act relating to charter Schools by Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
SB1039State Department of Education to conduct on-campus Standards for Accreditation of Public schools at least every four years by Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
SB1046An Act relating to the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program by Sen. SmalleyFailed Deadline
SB1080Reading Sufficiency Act apply to school districts that received a grade of “D” or “F” by Sen. NewberryFailed Deadline
SB1105providing for students who have failed to meet certain requirements to re-enroll and be offered remediation or intervention by Sen. Ford and Rep. Coody House Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1164Schools; modifies language regarding concussion education through the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association by Sen. GriffinSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1170Testing; prohibiting the amount of time devoted to administering certain assessments from exceeding certain time by Sen. Ford and Rep. CaseySenate Engrossed House Failed Deadline
SB1262Requires the State Department of Education to establish the Dual-Language Immersion Pilot Program to provide grants to public schools and charter schools that establish dual-language immersion programs in Chinese, Spanish, French, or any language approved by the board. The bill establishes eligibility to receive the grant by Sen. Clark JolleyFailed Deadline 
SB1324Schools; relates to enrollment in early childhood program by Sen. Treat Failed Deadline
SB1380Subject matter standards; modifying the curriculum requirements for graduation by Sen. Ford and Rep. NollanSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1401Schools; creating the Oklahoma Education Empowerment Scholarship Act by Sen. DahmFailed Deadline
SB1423Student transfers; allowing transfer students in certain grades to participate in activities by Sen. Griffin and Rep. ClevelandSenate Engrossed House Failed Deadline
SB1431Schools; allowing schools identified as persistently low performing to implement intervention models by Sen. Smalley and Rep. CaseySenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1463Student testing; directing the State Board of Education to adopt certain assessment or assessments by Sen. DossettFailed Deadline
SB1523Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust; permitting use of certain funds for certain purposes; funding to increase compensation for full-time certified teachers by Sen. MarlattFailed Deadline
SB1566School counselors; requiring certified counselors to obtain certain knowledge and skills by Sen. PittmanFailed Deadline
SB1584Appropriations; making an appropriation for State Department of Education; Sen. Jolly and Sen. TreatSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1619Schools; accommodation of facilities; defines the term "sex" to mean the physical condition of being male or female as identified at birth by the person's anotmy by Sen. Bingman and Rep. HickmanSenate Engrossed House Introduced Failed Deadline
SJR42Board of Education; vote of the people to approval or rejection of proposed amendment to Section 9 of Article X of the Okalhoma Constitution by Sen. AndersonFailed Deadline
HCR1021A Concurrent Resolution supporting certain actions relating to federal guidance on transgender students by Rep. CoodHouse Engrossed Senate Enrolled Filled with Secretary of State
HR1078A Resolution supporting certain services, treatment, training and increased public awareness of Dyslexia; distribution by Rep. Coody and Rep. SheltonHouse Introduced Failed Deadline


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