HB2336Public Health and Saftey Act of 2016 by Rep. CoxFailed Deadline
HB2362Requiring health benefit plans to include coverage for autisitc disorders by Rep. RousselotFailed Deadline
HB2518Medical; provides an exception for medical consent for minors if an emergency exists, surgery is necessary and effort has been made to contact a parent or other adult authorized by law to consent on behalf of minor by Rep. GrauHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB2544Schools; changing certain school year notification date; modifying extended-day schedule requirements by Rep. Nollan and Sen. Sanislawski Governor Signed
HB2665Health; It requires the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to eliminate Medicaid eligibility for any nonpregnant able-bodied adult under sixty-five by Rep. Cox and Sen. CrainHouse Engrossed Do Pass Failed Senate Health and Human Services Committee
HB2760An Act relating to schools; requires the State Department of Health to create a concussion management section on its website by Rep. Kirby and Sen. GriffinHouse Engrossed Senate Failed Deadline
HB2924Insurance; requiring health benefit plans to include coverage for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of autistic disorders by Rep. DunningtonFailed Deadline
HB2962Insurance; requiring coverage for autistic disorders under certain circumstances by Rep. Nelson and Sen. GriffinHouse Enrolled Governor Signed
HB3016Parental rights; creating the Parental Rights Immunization Act by Rep. Grau and Sen. DahmHouse Enrolled Governor Veto Overide Veto Failed
HB3107Public health and safety; modifying certain definition by Rep. CaldwellFailed Deadline
SB908Permits the State Department of Health to collect data about and conduct studies regarding severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia by Sen. AndersonFailed Deadline
SB1196Parents' Bill of Rights; establishing certain exception to consent requirement; which relates to consent for medical treatment of minors; by Sen. Griffin and Rep. NelsonSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1217Mental Health; expands the definition of the Inpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Minors Act to include physician assistant by Sen. Sharp and Rep. GrauSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1386Authorizes the creation and submission of a State Innovation Waiver for the purpose of creating Oklahoma health insurance products and controlling costs, Sen. David and Rep. MulreadySenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1474Public Health; public health advisory council; permitting submission of certain information to the Legislature by Sen. YenFailed Deadline
SB1529Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust; authorizing certain funds for certain purposes by Sen. StandridgeFailed Deadline


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