HB2321An Act relating to costs in criminal cases and juvenile proceedings by Rep. LoringFailed Deadline
HB2485Public health and safety; authorizing courts with juvenile docket responsibilities access to central repository information by OwnbeyFailed Deadline
HB2678Juvenile offenses; creating the Alyssa D. Wiles Law; requiring youthful offender status for accessory to murder in the first degree by Rep. Johnson and Sen. BrooksFailed Deadline
HB2717Crimes and punishments; prohibiting sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for juveniles by Rep. Virgin Failed Deadline
HB3032Juvenile justice; creating the Juvenile Justice Act of 2016 Rep. JordanFailed Deadline
HB3033Children; modifying provisions of the Oklahoma Juvenile Code; deleting right to jury trial for child in need of supervision by Rep. Jordan House Engrossed Senate Failed Deadline
SB44Repeals language related to the Interstate Compact on Children by Sen. Standridge and Rep. NelsonSenate Enrolled Signed By Governor
SB1069OJA; Charter Schools and OMES by Sen. Griffin and Rep. DenneySenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1151Modifies the conditions for eligibility for expungement of juvenile court records by Sen. Griffin Failed Deadline
SB1153Modifies confidentiality requirements for juvenile adjudications or convictions. The bill deletes language allowing subsequent juvenile delinquency adjudications to be public proceedings. The bill modifies language relating to confidentiality requirements for juvenile court records and law enforcement records by Sen. A J Griffinfailed Deadline
SB1200OJA; which relate to disposition orders, detention of child and Office of Juvenile Affairs institutions and facilities by Sen. Griffin and Rep. JordanSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1207OJA; Juvenile code definition; a "municipal juvenile facility" shall mean a secure facility secured by locked rooms, buildings and fences by Sen. DavidFailed Deadline
SB1208OJA; Juvenile code; modifying definitions by Sen. DavidFailed Deadline
SB1233OJA; which relates to juveniles of certain ages to be considered adults for certain offenses committedSenate Engrossed Failed House Criminal Justice & Corrections
SB1371Office of Juvenile Affairs; specifying statutory language; removing provisions relating to quantity and location of detention beds by Sen. DavidSenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1381Office of Juvenile Affairs agency director qualifications by Sen Dahm and Rep. HallSenate Engrossed House Failed Deadline
SB1424Child care facilities; requiring certain records search; authorizing requests for certain searches; Office of Juvenile Affairs by Sen. David and OwnbeySenate Enrolled Governor Signed
SB1602Agency Director Qualification; modifiying qualifications for certain positions; Sen. Jolly and Sen. TreatSenate Enrolled Governor Signed


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