HB2292Criminal procedure; increasing statute of limitations for child victims of specified crimes Rep. Rousselot and Sen. DavidHouse Engrossed Senate Failed Deadline
HB2686Individuals with disabilities; creating the Disability Savings Act by Rep. Brumbaugh and Sen. MazzeiFailed Deadline
HB2727Labor; creating the Equal Pay for Women Act of 2016 by Rep. VirginFailed Deadline
HB2929Labor; discriminatory wages; prohibiting certain actions by employer; increasing penalties by Rep. Dunnington and Sen. LovelessHouse Engrossed Senate Engrossed Amendments Conference Failed Deadline
SB977Tax credits; establishing moratorium on ability to claim specified credits during certain time period by Sen. MazzeiFailed Deadline
SB1051Labor; prohibiting discharge of employee for act of domestic abuse by Sen. HoltFailed Deadline
SB1119Domestic violence; prohibiting expungement of records of certain offenses by Sen. HoltFailed Deadline
SB1307State employee benefits; parental short-term disability programFailed Deadline

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