OICA Praises Sen. Griffin for Legislation Addressing Social Problems


For Immediate Release

February 16, 2017
Media Contact: Joe Dorman; jdorman@oica.org or 405-892-9205

OICA Praises Sen. Griffin for Legislation Addressing Social Problems

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) CEO Joe Dorman today thanked State Senator AJ Griffin for introducing a measure that would enhance partnerships between the Department of Human Services and the state’s non-profit and private sectors. The bill aims at tackling problems associated with poverty, incarceration and mental health outcomes.

Senate Bill 748 implements a “pay for success” model that has already been adopted in other states. Under that model, private companies would raise capital to design and fund new programs. Non-profits like OICA aid in the implementation of these new programs before state government, after evaluating their success, can then agree to fund them.

“Everyone wants to support programs that successfully reduce incarceration rates, reduce poverty and deliver better mental health outcomes,” said Dorman. “No one, however, wants to spend taxpayer dollars on a program that might not work. As a former legislator, I understand what a difficult balancing act that is and how those concerns can get in the way of embracing innovative new ideas.

“Senator Griffin is helping to solve this problem with legislation that allows the private sector to innovate and assume risk, something which it does well. Non-profits can then add their expertise in implementing new programs, and then the state government can invest if it likes the results. It’s a win-win solution that will benefit a lot of Oklahomans.”

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