Next week we will be releasing our updated 2017 Advocacy Guide. Inside you’ll find a succinct account of what advocacy is, the process of a bill becoming law, and some practical advocacy tools. Here’s a sneak peek:

One of the key tools we use at OICA to influence policy is a fact sheet. A fact sheet is a simple one to two page document that creams “Read me!” when you look at it. You want it to be uncomplicated and interesting. We often utilize an infographic or create a simple sheet with some bold bullet points and data. A fact sheet is a painless way to educate your audience (particularly a busy legislator) on your issue of interest.

The purpose of a fact sheet is to:

  • Present the facts- key statistics, figures or
  • Identify a group with a particular issue
  • Provide answers to common questions about the issues (Fact sheets are often found in a Q & A format.)
  • Show information using graphs, charts, or pictures
  • Inform, persuade or educate
  • Make an argument for a particular policy

An example of a fact sheet we hand out almost everywhere we go is the most recent 2016 KIDS COUNT Profile.


Good luck on your advocacy efforts! As always, don’t hesitate to contact me you’re your questions directly at 405-236-5437 Ext. 104 or email


me2Lani Habrock is the director of KIDS COUNT at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. As a former contender for the State House of Representatives she believes legislative advocacy is an important work we must all take responsibility for in order to create positive change for all children in our state on a population-wide level.

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