The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy has submitted to the candidates running for state and federal office a questionnaire on important issues relating to children. This will allow those candidates willing to respond the opportunity to answer these 10 questions:

  1. “What would you do to close the opportunity gap for the millions of children now being left behind?”
  2. “What will you do to improve the early years of a child’s life?
  3. “Do you see pre-school as an essential part of the education system?”
  4. “What would you do to make college more accessible for those who want to go?”
  5. “What would you do to help limit the trauma experienced by children living in Oklahoma?”
  6. “What would you do to ensure that every child has access to the best available medical and dental care?”
  7. “What would you do to reduce incarceration, but preserve the safety of children, in Oklahoma?”
  8. “How would you improve policies benefiting children in foster care or under the Office of Juvenile Affairs?”
  9. “What are your thoughts of preserving parental rights while protecting children from injury, harm, or disease under the law?”
  10. “What would you like to express about your views of child advocacy that we did not ask you?”

See the candidate responses HERE.