April 21, 2021




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Child Advocacy Group Praises Passage of Tribal Affiliation Bill, Thanks Sponsors


OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) said enactment of a bill to add tribal affiliation to school data collection was a positive step for Oklahoma’s children.

“This bill will help collect vital data on our students that will help schools do a better job for Native American students,” said Joe Dorman, chief executive officer of the group. “We are extremely grateful to Rep. Mark Vancuren and Sen. John Michael Montgomery for their hard work in seeing this bill become law.”

Vancuren, a Republican from Owasso, is a 30-year-educator and coach. Montgomery is a Republican from Lawton.

Dorman said the bill was important because schools educating Native American students qualify for a variety of programs that can attract federal dollars that will improve education for the students. Among the programs are those funded through Title VI and the Johnson-O’Malley Program, which includes programs to promote Native American culture and language, academics, and dropout prevention.

“Representative Vancuren and Senator Montgomery did a great job getting the bill through the Legislature, with not a single ‘no’ vote in the House of Representatives and an overwhelming majority in the Senate,” Dorman concluded. “They did a great job and students with Native American heritage will have greater opportunities because of it.”

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the measure into law Tuesday; it is among the bills OICA advocated for passage in 2021. and it will go into effect 90 days after the end of the 2021 session of the Oklahoma Legislature.