September 14, 2020



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“Census Sprint to the Finish” Event Slated for Friday

Event to Boost Census Responses Among State & Nonprofits’ Employees

OKLAHOMA CITY – With just two weeks until the end of the Census, the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) and “OK, Let’s Count!” initiative are teaming up for an event to boost Census response.

Less than 60 percent of Oklahoma households have completed their Census forms. A low response puts at risk hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars Oklahomans will have paid to Washington. An inadequate count will send Oklahomans’ tax dollars to more populous states, including Texas. Among the services that will lose essential funding with an incomplete Census count are those targeted to improve the lives of Oklahoma’s children.

That is why OICA and the state Department of Commerce’s “OK, Let’s Count!” initiative have teamed up to boost Census response. Joining them are the Oklahoma Press Association, Oklahoma Municipal League, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, and other members of the “OK, Let’s Count!” coalition.

The organizations will sponsor the Nonprofits’ “Census Sprint to the Finish” event slated for Friday, Sept. 18, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Officials from the U.S. Census Bureau and Oklahoma state officials will be on hand, as will “Rumble,” mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team.

“The purpose of the event to encourage every state employee and nonprofit employee, volunteer, or service recipient to respond to the U.S. Census,” Dorman said. “It is critical we do this now as the Census Bureau has been directed to stop counting on Sept. 30. Our time is simply running out.”

The event at the Capitol will be a great place to respond, consistent with social distancing and COVID-19 precautions. People will be able to drive up and respond on a sanitized computer pad and have their Census data count immediately. There will be hot dogs and drinks available, and a raffle for one lucky winner who responds to the Census at the Capitol on that day.

There is no cost except to commit to promoting the Census and encouraging others to respond to the Census before Sept. 30. To sign up for the Friday event, organizations and agencies can go to

Nonprofit organizations and state agencies – like the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), which registered for the event – are encouraged to sign up. This will reflect their commitments to a full count for Oklahoma in the Census. As part of its commitment, OETA has aired thousands of dollars’ worth of promotions in support of Census response.

“This is our one crack at setting our population for a decade,” Dorman said. “If we fail to count every Oklahoman, we will throw away almost three-quarters-of-a-billion dollars – money we as Oklahomans worked hard to earn.”

The amount comes from the fact that for every person not counted, the state loses approximately $1,700 each year. If the Census misses even one-out-of-every hundred Oklahomans, that will add up to $72 million per year – a whopping $720 million over the 10 years between Census counts.

“The Friday event is a tremendous opportunity to ensure those who serve are counted,” Dorman concluded. “We want to ensure every Oklahoman is counted. That way, we do not lose vital resources and allow other states which did better in Census response to get Oklahomans’ tax dollars.”


UPDATE: We have received confirmation that Dr. Steven Dillinham, the director of the U.S. Census Bureau, will be on hand for Friday’s event!