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Goals for the 2018 Year of the Child (2018 YOTC):

1. Prioritize the issue of children (ages 0-18) as an issue during the 2018 political campaigns. Ask candidates for office “what is your plan for improving the lives of Oklahoma children?” Provide child-centric questions to media to ask candidates and surveys to the candidates themselves.

2. Create and drive a legislative agenda that addresses critical issues affecting children. This may include creation of a children’s cabinet, creation of a coordinated budget and making it “safe” to raise revenue to fund child related initiatives.

3. Promote “Oklahoma’s Expectations for Children” to the public, policy makers and encourage implementation of the goals.

4. Lay the foundation for continuing to prioritize children after 2018 YOTC.

5. Work to include children as a priority in the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce OK 2030 Initiative under the “Quality of Life” and “Workforce and Talent Development” foundation components.

Please provide any input or suggestions to Jim Priest: jpriest@sunbeamfamilyservices.org or 405-202-8863

Oklahoma’s Expectations for Children

Oklahomans recognize the importance of prioritizing our children and making Oklahoma a place where children are safe, secure, engaged, encouraged, and prepared for life as an adult. In order that Oklahoma may be such a place we establish the following expectations for children and for the state and the people of Oklahoma:

As a people and as a state we will work to insure every Oklahoma child is:

  • Safe—from abuse, neglect, abandonment and harm to their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well being;
  • Secure—in their access to affordable housing and healthy food, and secure in their home, educational, neighborhood, and worship environments;
  • Engaged—in positive activities physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally both as individuals and within their communities;
  • Encouraged—by a Champion, who might be their parent or a mentor, and by all Oklahomans, who will speak and act in ways that cheer them on in life; and
  • Prepared—to reach their full potential in every area of life, especially in the areas of education and career, but also in life skills, so they may become a capable, positive, and contributing citizen of our state.


What Can You Do?

  • Join the coalition and allow us to use your logo as a supporter.
  • Contact your state representatives with a personal letter or personal visit or phone call telling them about the initiative and asking them for specifics about what they plan to do to prioritize children.
  • Contact candidates and their campaigns and ask them the same questions.
  • Promote “Oklahoma’s Expectations” by circulating them, posting them and talking about them


2018 YOTC PowerPoint Presentation


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