BC“It looks like a number on a piece of paper as far as how many families this affects. It is a very real thing in my life. It will affect my family. All we try to do on a daily basis is go to work, provide for our daughter and then come home and not have to worry about how much we have to feed her or, you know, is it going to be grocery shopping or paying the electric bill this month?”  –Oklahoma Mom Brittany Cole.

Tax reform remained a hot topic at the State Capitol this legislative session, and the Oklahoma Child Care Tax Credit continued to be a target for elimination.  Senate Bill 585 by Senator Mike Mazzei, would have eliminated Oklahoma’s child care tax credit for any family in Oklahoma making over $50,000 annually.


We are proud to say our hard work,  and the hard work of partner organizations and community advocates like you has paid off. The Child Care Tax Credit, which is critical to thousands of hardworking Oklahoma families, remained intact this legislative session.


Today, one in four Oklahoma children is growing up in poverty, with recent data showing an alarming 10 percent jump in the number of children whose parent lack secure employment.



Providing these vulnerable families with a ladder into the middle class through tax policies that incentivizes work and allows parents to keep their children in quality child care is so crucial to the well-being of children’s future and the economic strength of our state.


Thousands of Oklahoma families find relief in the Child Care Tax Credit each year. Not only does it help hard-working families financially, it ensures their children receive quality care when mom and dad are at work.


As part of our “Stories Matter” project, we sat down with a number of Oklahomans about the importance of the Oklahoma Child Care Tax, including a mother and father who shared their own personal story about what the tax credit means to their family.



As Voices for Oklahoma’s Future, OICA is committed to doing whatever it takes to give every Oklahoma family the opportunity to succeed. We want to ensure  Oklahoma’s tax policies allows families the opportunity to provide quality child care for their children. Protecting the Child Care Tax Credit from further cuts in the future is an important part of that work.


Thank you for your contributions. This victory would not have been possible without you. Please Please share the above Stories Matter video with your networks, so other Oklahomans understand the value of the Child Care Tax Credit to our state’s families and lend their voices to help protect it.