Teacher pay raises aren’t a done deal yet

A veto referendum could delay or reverse the funding mechanism for teacher pay I am usually not the gloom-and-doom kind of person, but I am worried that Oklahoma is about to sleepwalk into a budget-related nightmare that policy makers never… Read More

Oklahomans Must Engage on Education

As most of you are aware, an agreement was reached last week to find additional revenue to fund pay raises for educators and state employees. Last Monday (3/26), the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted on a series of tax provisions,… Read More

Organizations Stepping Up During Teacher Walkout

There is nothing more important for Oklahoma’s children and the future of our state than ensuring every child has access to a good education. Education is a fundamental building block for a successful and fulfilling life; lack of education is… Read More

OICA Coordinating Outreach for Programs Supporting Kids During Teacher Walkout

The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) is working with community leaders from across the state to compile a list of organizations which will provide child care and nutrition programs during the upcoming planned education walkout in April.   OICA… Read More

Preventing Toxic Stress in Children

Stress is an issue that impacts everyone. Regardless of your age, your income level or where you live, stress affects the health and well-being of every single person on this planet.   Children oftentimes are the most susceptible to stress.… Read More

Legislators Weigh Policy Choices That Impact Children

A lot of the recent focus at the State Capitol has been on the budgeting process, but just as important is the normal business of crafting state policy through bills and resolutions. Most legislative items are in their very early… Read More

Study: Economic hardship among most common adverse experiences for children

A new Child Trends report finds that 45 percent of children in the United States have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience, with economic hardship and parental divorce or separation the most common nationally and in almost every state.… Read More